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Hi there! I’m CJ. And I am all for the art of Slow Travel.

I put off travelling until my mid-twenties.

Why? Because I thought I wanted to be part of the Big Adult Dream.

You know what I’m talking about. Career. Cars. Apartments. But while chasing the dream, something didn’t feel right. I only felt at home when I was somewhere else.

So in 2014 I quit my job, packed my bags and left. I knew I didn’t like traditional travel styles. Way too rushed. So I made an effort to slow things down. I chose to stay in one place for one month.

The result?

Way more fun!

Ever since then I’ve been travelling slowly. Stopping to see the sights and learn what makes each place special.

Now I’ve started this blog in order to share what I’ve learned. Help guide people on the path to a slower, more enjoyable way to see the world.

Thank you for joining me!

The Slow Travel Rating System

Too many sites have ratings that are unclear.

Sometimes users are biased. They’ll only rate places when they have a negative experience, giving zero for everything. Or they’ll give 5 stars all round, because they don’t want to upset or offend the proprietors.

This makes the results pretty much useless.

So I reworked a clear, explicit system.

1/5 = Avoid. This place is unpleasant. Not recommended.

2/5 = Passable. Stay here if you need a place and can’t find something else. Not recommended.

3/5 = Average. There’s room for improvement. But you can stay for a while. Recommended.

4/5 = Good. I enjoyed my time and experienced no issues. On it’s way to great. Recommended.

5/5 = Great! This place stands out. Positive, different, and fun. Highly recommended.

Questions? Comments?

Send them here!

I promise I will read them all!

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