Review: Agosto Inn/Guest House (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

EDIT: Agosto Inn has since ceased trading. Agosto Guesthouse is still operating.

Name: Agosto Inn, Agosto Guest House
Address: (Inn) No. 177 A , Jalan Tun.H.S.Lee / (Guest House) No 208, Jalan Tun H.S.Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone:+60 17-783 4047

Pros: Great central location. Solid price. Helpful staff. Well appointed interiors. Daily cleaning. Privacy curtains in dorms.

Cons: Thin walls in the rooms. Road noise during peak times. Location is deserted at night. Limited space in common areas.

Rating: 4/5 (recommended, would stay again)

Introducing the Agosto’s

Agosto Inn Sign
Clear signage makes it easy to find Agosto from the street.

Looking for a comfortable, cost-effective base near Chinatown? Stop looking. These two establishments take the guesswork out of staying in Kuala Lumpur. The Agostos offer a broad mix of comfort and convenience. This makes them appealing for longer-term travellers as a base in between trips.

What’s it like?

Agosto Inn is the original hostel. It is a two-story townhouse convert. If you have ever stayed in a hostel in this area, you will be familiar with the layout and the facilities. Multiple dorm and private rooms. Simple bunks, singles and double beds. Lounge and a kitchenette. Throughout the property, the owner has gone to great lengths to make what could be a no-frills plasterboard interior into a relaxing and welcoming accommodation experience. Green plants are everywhere, along with pictures, ornaments, cute figurines and more.

IMG_1349Agosto Guest House is a different approach to your standard hostel. While it is another townhouse convert, the guest house features all-new interiors, wood panelling, and built-in beds. In the dorms, each bed comes complete with a power outlet, personal fan, and privacy curtain. The decoration theme continues, with more houseplants and white stones accenting an already visually distinctive interior.

Both venues feature an innovative ventilation system. Instead of installing wasteful aircon units in each room, there units are spaced carefully along each corridor. Guests control small exhaust fans located in the top of the walls to suck the hot air out of the room, and draw in the cooler air from the public hallways. However, the aircon is switched off during the day when there are fewer guests to save electricity. So the heat can build up a bit. It doesn’t get stifling, but it’s noticeable.And as with most hostels in this part of the world, most of the rooms are without windows. This makes it great for light sleepers to get some decent shut-eye without daylight intruding on their precious slumber. But it can be difficult for those of us who need to see the sun to start rising. When in these rooms, I have slept clear through till 2pm.

Where is Agosto in and Agosto Guest House?

These two venues are located near the corner of Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and Jalan Sultan. Sitting virtually opposite each other, both the guest house and the inn are a two minute walk from Pasar Seni LRT station and bus stop. These make it hella easy to get around the city. A 7-Eleven sits on the corner for all your basics. There is a coin laundry, a Hindu few temples, tonnes of shops and boutiques just up the road in Chinatown on Jalan Petaling.

Eggs Benedict Lucy In The Sky Cafe
Eggs benedict from Lucy In Th Sky Cafe. Drool.

For eats, you are spoiled for choice. Take your pick between roti canai, banana leaf rice, street burger, pizza, a staggering range of regional chinese venues, western meals… there’s no reason you can’t find something you’ll like!

For your caffeine fix, I highly recommend Lucy In The Sky cafe. Their eggs benedict kept me coming back almost every day for breakfast. Same with their coffee. And their smiling faces.

Agosto is close to what matters. However, road noise is a thing for those rooms near the front of both venues. And at night, the streets are frequently deserted. I encountered no troubles, and I heard of no issues. I did see a number of exceptionally drunken people yelling and kicking stones, but they kept their distance and there were no altercations.

What are the people like?

Agosto Guest House interior. The private rooms are hidden behind discreet sliding doors.

The owner Anne is energetic, driven and aims to please. You can see her influence everywhere. Regular room service, free-flow coffee and tea, a no-shoes policy (pretty standard in SE Asia), and all the decorations that make this place much more cheerful.

Tahir and Miad are cheerful, open, and foresighted. They lead the staff in organising the daily running of the hostel. You can find one or the other (or both!) at the front desk, directing guests to attractions, or sharing beverages in between other essential duties.

In fact, all the staff are serious in their roles. They help their guests with everything and anything. They offer advice, carry bags, and will happily replace towels when someone spills expensive shower gel throughout their bag, then when the bag starts oozing empties the contents on the floor, and use the only clean towel to mop up the resulting mess.


I’m not mad.

Because of the staff, the venues are spotless, and want for nothing.

Would I stay again?

Without a doubt.  I have already spent a month on and off at this venue. I go away. I come back. It is as central a part of Kuala Lumpur to me as the Petronas Towers.

Agosto Inn Decorations
Some of the decoration in the Agosto Inn
Agosto Inn Plants
Plants, window and aircon units in Agosto Inn
Agosto Inn Ventilation
Innovative ventilation at Agosto Inn
Type Hostel
Dorms? Yes
Privates? Yes
WiFi? Yes
Fridge? Yes
Kitchen? Yes (Agosto Inn)
Tea/coffee? Yes (Agosto Inn)
Breakfast? Yes (Agosto Inn)
Lockers? Yes
Laundry service? Yes
Hot showers? Yes
Air conditioning? Sort of.

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