What Is Slow Travel?

What Is Slow Travel?

Welcome to Slow Travel! My name is CJ and for the past 18 months I’ve been making my way around the world… slowly.

Slow travel air
A slow look at the coast of Thailand.

I have learned a lot. And I thought I might share it with you.

For a start, what exactly is slow travel?

Well, it is as it sounds. Slow travel is the deliberate intention of taking your time to see new places. Giving yourself the space and freedom you need to really see a location, experience the small things, and fall in love with each day.

For me, slow travel is the ideal solution to tourist burnout. You know the feeling? You have a limited time in each place. You get up hella early, cram breakfast into your face before the sun has breached the horizon. You hit the door and traipse around, seeing the scenery more through your camera than with your eyes. Then you come home and scan through the digital treasure trove before getting dressed and going out for dinner/drinks at that place TripAdvisor told you is a “must-try.” And this is after spending 15 mintues buying those elephant pants for your sister, then sending that postcard to your parents, before posting your lunch photos on Instagram.

Slow Travellers Pork
Slow travel demands slow food.

And speaking of lunch, we haven’t even touched on the inevitable “socialising” with all the people you meet along the way. And yes, by “socialising” I mean “drinking cheap cocktails on ladies night, becoming fast friends on Facebook, then making out on the dance floor”.

After a month of this, you’re so stressed out that the only way you can remember what city you’re in is to check your itinerary. You need a holiday after your holiday. And you dread going home.

Why do this to yourself? Is it some sort of completionist movement? You fell you must SEE ALL THE THINGS or else your wasting time? Time you could spend seeing other things?

Slow sunset in Ko Samui
“Where was this? What were we doing?”

Well guess what – there aren’t any awards for seeing the world in a blur. And in 10 years, good luck remembering the people and places without scrambling back through an album.

But there is another way. A smarter way to travel. A slower way that gives you the you need to get to grips with what’s happening around you – and what you want to get from it.

Welcome to slow travel.

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